7 Inspirational Movies to Watch in Recovery

7 Inspirational Movies to Watch in Recovery

With so much social distancing and staying at home taking place, it’s no wonder people are looking for movies to watch for inspiration and a feel good moment. Some of the best movies to watch in recovery are not actually about recovery or addiction at all, but more so focused purely on inspiration and what it takes to keep pushing forward. If you’re looking for someone to watch that will be both conducive to your continued sobriety and maybe even a little bit on the inspirational side, consider these top choices.


1  Ben is Back


Ben is a 19 year old that has already very much struggled with addiction several times over and he’s coming home for Christmas. His mom is going to do whatever she can to help her son through his latest bout with addiction but not without Ben testing every ounce of her love for him as a Mother. The 24-hour period represents an extremely rough patch for Ben and his mother but she’ll do anything to keep him sober -- just watch.


2  A Star is Born


Aspiring singer Ally (played by Lady Gaga) is an up and coming star with a career in front of her. Jackson is addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol. A Star is Born follows the relationship between Jackson and Ally as her career takes off and his demons continue to wreak havoc on his life. Watch as the struggles of a relationship that is plagued by addiction is hashed out for anyone interested to see.


3  Thanks for Sharing


Actor Mark Ruffalo plays a recovering sex addict in Thanks for Sharing. He’s doing his best to remain abstinent but he sure does have a strong desire for new found girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. Not only that, but she feels a strong need to express an overly rampant sexuality which presents a tough case for the actor as he tries not to fall off the abstinence wagon. A great look into recovery and addiction and the struggles that are faced daily.


4  28 Days


After making a major scene at a family event, a New York journalist is ordered to rehab for 30 days. For the first time, she takes her addiction seriously and is faced with the need to make lifestyle changes in order to actively engage in recovery. Her account takes place over the next 28 days.


5  Clean and Sober


Real estate salesman Daryl (played by Michael Keaton) is addicted to cocaine. He’s made a million mistakes and has finally realized he needs help. After checking himself in rehab where his anonymity is guaranteed he begins to finally work towards living clean and sober. His counselor (Morgan Freeman) will be there to help guide him each step of the way.


6  Beautiful Boy


Once a poster child in terms of positivity and good behavior, Nicolas (played by Timothee Chalamet) is now a meth addict. Beautiful Boy shows the true repetition of addiction as it plays out in Nicolas’s life. His father will do whatever he can to save his son but will it be enough?


7  Flight


An Airline pilot (Played by Denzel Washington) faces trouble when a mechanical malfunction results in his plane crashing. Unfortunately, he also suffers from addiction to drugs and alcohol and, while he was able to land his plan with limited casualties the crash brings his addiction to the forefront and he must face consequences for his substance use -- but there are upsides to those who experience recovery.


If you’re stuck at home, looking for something to watch that will give you some continued inspiration or enjoyment in recovery, checkout one of these movies about addiction and recovery or other inspirational movies. Or, if you have others that we’ve missed -- share them in the comments below.

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