Benefits of Using a Sobriety Calculator to Track Sober Days

Benefits of Using a Sobriety Calculator to Track Sober Days

The number of days you have sober is a BIG DEAL. Even with treatment, getting and stay sober is a challenge that should not be taken lightly. You'll have good days, and you'll have days where you struggle--but in the end, each day sober warrants a small celebration. You're making your way through recovery! Sobriety calculator apps, like Pocket Rehab, can help you to track sober days while also providing an outlet to connect with others in recovery and to keep a digital journal depicting your feelings from day to day. Tracking your progress using a sobriety calculator can help you to recognize how far you have come away from addiction. This is just one of many pieces of your support system in recovery, and on the bad days, it can be a vital addition to keeping you on the right path. Let’s take a look at the benefits of tracking your sobriety using a sober app like Pocket Rehab.


Track Major Milestones

Anyone that has attempted a diet or any other kind of major commitment knows that the first few days can seem like an eternity. As we adjust and work toward the major lifestyle changes that we are committed to, the time becomes easier and tends to go by more quickly. This is true for our early days in recovery too! Sobriety calculators allow you to track major milestones in recovery--like 1 day, 3 days, 5 days a WEEK, a year and so on. Using the app you can track real-time progress toward your recovery goals. So, whether you're on day 1 or day 901, tracking your progress can be very motivational and may help you to stay on that sober path for another full day. Psychologically, tracking progress toward a goal can actually help us to achieve the goal. Just knowing that you are just a few days away from your next big milestone, like 1 month sober, can help you to stay focused on achieving that goal. Likewise, being able to see your progress can also help you to reinforce that you MUST stay the path and keep working--after all, you've made it this far, right?

Changing Habits

Did you know it takes 66 days of repetition for a behavior to become a habit? Knowing this, if you take a look at your sobriety calculator and see you have only been working on your sobriety for 55 days, you would know that you still have almost 2 weeks before your newfound sobriety would be a habit. This means you need to keep working to change your lifestyle into a habit of sober living. As you track your sobriety and work on new habits to help you stay sober, you will begin to notice that the behaviors that once took a lot of work for you to maintain will be easier along the way.



Keep Track of Emotions

Journaling & keeping track of your good days, and bad days, in Pocket Rehab allows you to go back and see how you were feeling. This is especially good if something happens, like relapse or an especially hard time. Being able to track back and see what was going on in your life when you hit troublesome times may help you to prevent similar times from occurring again. The community members that you connect with in Pocket Rehab are a valuable asset to your recovery too. If you are open to discussing your emotions in the group, you will likely connect with others that are feeling similar and that can help you through the bad times, or congratulate you on the good times! As you monitor your sobriety record, you will soon realize that some days are certainly more difficult than others--but it’s likely that you have made it through difficult days like this before. Reading your journal, and seeing that you have made it through tough times, can help you to ward off those cravings for an immediate change and recognize that this too shall pass.

Share with Friends & Family

Now that you ARE sober, your friends and family are likely to ask, "so how long has it been now?" When they do, open up Pocket Rehab and check to see just how many days you have checked off your sobriety calculator! You will most certainly surprise your loved ones with your strength and you may even surprise yourself! Don't be afraid to share your story with others too. Let others in the Pocket Rehab community know how many days sober you have and consider sharing on other social profiles to possibly encourage someone else that may be feeling like he or she can’t possibly make it another day. Share your story, be a witness to the stories of others, and bask in the recovery community--you deserve it!

Sign Up for Pocket Rehab Today

Did you know that sobriety calculator apps like Pocket Rehab are free? You can download the app from Google Playstore or from the Apple App Store. Immediately begin accepting the benefits of Pocket Rehab. With the app you can:

  • Track the number of days sober you have behind you and see upcoming milestones at a glance.
  • Connect with others in recovery and get immediate support from peers.
  • Use the “Lifeline” connection to get immediate help if you’re feeling like you may relapse.
  • Find meetings and treatment centers in your area if you need additional help.
  • Keep a record of how you are feeling each day in recovery and track your progress.
  • Journal about your sobriety and keep a private record that ONLY YOU can see.
  • Help others by offering support on a topic you are navigating too--recovery and healing from addiction.

If you're not already using Pocket Rehab, download the app today and begin building a stronger support group that will help you to stay on the path you've chosen towards recovery. Whether you are just thinking about sobriety or you have several months of sobriety already accounted for, there are members in the Pocket Rehab community that could benefit from having you in their support group--and we hope that you can find members to provide much-needed support that you need too!

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