My Lifeline: Benefits of Seeking Online Support in Recovery

My Lifeline: Benefits of Seeking Online Support in Recovery

Support in recovery was once limited to those who either attended a meeting such as NA or AA or who physically received help in treatment. Phone support has been an option but requires being able to connect with your sponsor which, although encouraged, isn’t always feasible at the exact moment when the support is needed (for instance, at 2am or when your sponsor is busy). But times have changed, and support is readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Pocket Rehab and various other addiction recovery apps, chat groups and programs online.

Online Support Benefits

Online support groups benefit individuals at all stages of recovery by providing access to peer-to-peer support as needed. Much like in-person support groups, online groups benefit users by offering a chance to talk with others that are also in recovery, get advice, and gain the necessary coping skills for long-term healing and growth. Anyone with access to a smartphone can get involved in recovery support through Pocket Rehab. The online support provided within the app allows users to:


  • Communicate directly or passively with others via chat or direct message.
  • Gain clarity about common problems or concerns in recovery by communicating with others that have also endured similar situations.
  • Appreciate anonymity that allows them to feel comfortable talking about things they may otherwise not want to discuss in person.
  • Free access to support, when it is needed, regardless of time or location.

Online recovery support groups are a free alternative to seeking support at regular counseling sessions or therapy groups. Although the support received online may not be the solution to your sobriety, it could be a great addition to your recovery toolset.

What is My Lifeline?

My Lifeline is the term used for the support provided in real-time through the Pocket Rehab app. This is a Lifeline of support that is reserved for the most necessary times. If you feel like you need immediate help, you can connect to the Lifeline of other members in the Pocket Rehab app and get immediate, instant, real-time help. Look at the My Lifeline as if it is a sponsor. The only difference is, you have several sponsors available to answer the Lifeline support request so, instead of possibly having to wait several minutes or possibly even hours to get in touch with your sponsor, you can immediately reach someone. At Pocket Rehab, we understand how important it is to get support when you are most vulnerable--the My Lifeline support options is here for you during your most vulnerable times.

Remaining Anonymous

Seeking support through a sobriety app like Pocket Rehab provides anonymity that you simply cannot have if you are in a face-to-face group. This is an excellent option if you are the type of person that doesn’t feel comfortable talking to others in person. In fact, seeking support through the app is great for introverts, those with social anxiety, and those who just generally feel more comfortable with not speaking in public.

Always Available

Support online, through Pocket Rehab, or other recovery apps is always available. No matter when you need help, there is someone available to offer guidance, motivation, or encouragement. Crisis doesn’t choose to appear in your life at a set time of day or night--and it may not necessarily appear when you are in a position to seek face-to-face support--but with a rehab app, you can get the help you need anytime 24/7.



Grow Your Support Network

Are you limited in your ability to get out and visit others? Do you lack transportation or struggle to get to an NA or AA meeting due to work or other obligations? Online support allows you to grow your support network in your time without having to physically be present in a group at a set time or place. By seeking support through the Pocket Rehab app, you have access to over 75K users that are also going through various stages of recovery just like you--and many are looking to give, and receive, support.

Self-Paced Recovery

Do you ever feel like you don’t quite fit in with others in the local groups in your area? Do you feel like the recovery tasks expected of you are too fast-paced or maybe even not fast-paced enough? With online support programs, you are free to actively participate in your recovery at a pace that is comfortable for you. There is less pressure this way and you won’t feel like you are lagging behind or struggling to recover at the pace of others in the group. (Remember, recovery happens at a different pace for everyone--do NOT compare your recovery speed to anyone else!)

Maintenance at your Fingertips

Recovery online offers an added maintenance tool for you to keep on the path of sobriety. Pocket Rehab check-ins provide push notifications to ensure you are checking in periodically with a recovery coach or others for support. You can keep track of your recovery with your online recovery journal that is accessible from your smartphone wherever you go. The journal is private and only you can see!

Free Support and Assistance

While most addiction recovery support groups are free, online support offers the added benefit of not requiring transportation or any kind of obligatory feelings to pay cash donations the way certain face-to-face groups can leave you feeling. There is no worry about gas money, a vehicle, public transit, or other costs associated with attending an in-person support meeting when you use an app to get the help that you need.

Looking for Online Support?

If you haven’t already downloaded the Pocket Rehab app for support, you should do it. The app is available for free from Google Play and from the Apple App Store. After you download Pocket Rehab you will be prompted to set up your notifications, which includes the schedule of your push notifications that will request you to check in with the app. Remember that check-ins increase sobriety by providing accountability even when you get busy and feel like you don’t “need” the help of a group on your side anymore. If you are in recovery, know someone in recovery, or you are battling addiction and need support, Pocket Rehab and various other online support options can offer a helping hand that will guide the way. Connect with others and find local resources that will help you achieve sobriety and reach your recovery goals--remember, the support you receive is free, anonymous and always available!

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