Recovery Check Ins and The Importance of Staying Checked into Your Recovery

Recovery Check Ins and The Importance of Staying Checked into Your Recovery

Recovery coaches often require recovery check-ins as a means of helping the individual in recovery to remain abstinent from drugs or alcohol. Research proves that recovery check-ins actually improve the likelihood of sustained sobriety and engagement in the recovery program. This is true for treatment, long-term support groups, and online support receive in recovery groups such as the Pocket Rehab community. But why is it so important to stay checked into recovery? Below we look at some of the benefits of checking in regularly with your peers or your recovery coach. Not only are recovery check-ins a way of keeping others abreast of what is going on in your recovery, they also provide an opportunity to reflect and take a moment to think about yourself and your recovery when times are busy and everyday life gets in the way.

How and Why

Recovery check-ins provide a scheduled timeframe upon which the individual in recovery and his or her coach, peer, family or others can "check-in" on the progress and talk about recovery in an open manner. With Pocket Rehab, we encourage you to “check in” regularly so that you can benefit most from the app, but also as a means of helping you to build a routine in which you utilize the resources available to you and receive the support that you need to continue to grow in your recovery and healing. Recovery check-ins are made at regular intervals, such as daily or once per week, or every other week, etc in most cases. If you are working with a recovery coach, you will likely be asked to check in which him or her on a weekly basis for the first few months. Following the first few months, your check-ins may be spaced out to once every other week and ultimately once monthly as time progresses and you grow stronger in your recovery.

Why check in?

  • To announce your sobriety date and keep an updated log of how many days sober you have.
  • To discuss your feelings right now. Are you feeling angry, upset, in pain, in love, shameful? You can discuss these feelings at your check in and in the Pocket Rehab app.
  • To outline any activities you have participated in to expand your recovery since your last check in. For instance, if you participated in a 12-step program or group therapy, you can mention that during check-in.
  • To note any triggers that you have faced along the way since your last check in. You may have noticed that since you checked in last you deal with a lot of emotional triggers or that you faced a lot of triggers at a particular environment. Checking in and staying aware of the triggers that you have faced since your last check in will help you to eventually see patterns--patterns in your healing, patterns in your ability to cope and patterns in your lifestyle that may be leading you closer to triggers that could cause relapse.



How it Works

Checking into Pocket Rehab is fast and easy. The app sends push notifications to alert you to check-in if you haven’t already done so each day or after several days (this depends on the setting you choose when you download the app). When you check in, you can actively participate in the community chat or just make a private note in your own recovery journal. That choice is completely yours! If you are checking in with a recovery coach, be prepared to answer basic questions about your progress since your last check in. Your coach may ask you the following questions at check in:

  • What kind of day, week, month are you having?
  • How would you currently describe your mood?
  • Since the last check in, have you participated in any recovery groups, meetings, treatment, etc?
  • How has the treatment and support you received helped you since your last check in?
  • What are you most aware of since the last time we talked?
  • What are your craving ratings like from 0-10 today?
  • What have you been doing to control or cope with those cravings?
  • What have you tried so far to stay sober?
  • What are your ideas as to what has or has not worked for you in the past?
  • What do you think might help you to achieve your goals this time?
  • Who is the most helpful to you in achieving your recovery goals?

Your recovery coach, and the peers in the Pocket Rehab App will likely ask you similar questions if you check in and state that you are struggling to stay sober. The idea is to get a better understanding of you, and what will help you, while also guiding you to make your own best decision. Often times, we know or at least have an idea of what it is causing problems in our lives or what it will take to solve the problems--but we overthink and overlook things. Speaking with your recovery coach at check in or talking with others in the chat within the Pocket Rehab app can help you to navigate your own thought processes in a way that will help you to more clearly understand what you need to do in order to heal.


Be Truly Present

By checking into your sobriety, you are being truly present to the recovery that you are trying to achieve. You work hard to reach recovery, and you must be present in your recovery in order to stay accountable and on the right path. Checking in helps to ensure that you take time out to fully think about what you are doing, and to consider the steps you have taken to get sober--and to stay that way. It's easy to get busy. It's easy for life to get in the way. We start to lose track of time, or we get overwhelmed. Suddenly we don't have time to attend a meeting or we can&'t find time to connect with others, and we begin to lose sight of the work it takes to remain sober. A check in, even at Pocket Rehab, is one of many ways that you can practice self-care and just be present in your recovery.

Check In at Pocket Rehab Today

Are you ready to take your sobriety seriously? Check in at Pocket Rehab and connect with peers that are also at various stages of the recovery process right now. When you download the Pocket Rehab app for free you will immediately be connected with the many features offered including:

  • Scheduled reminders and push-notifications to check-in and remain actively present in your recovery.
  • Connection with others that are in recovery through both open forum and private style messaging.
  • Ability to locate resources in your area to help you remain sober--including treatment centers, NA and AA meetings.
  • Connect with recovery coaches that will help you to remain sober.
  • Lifeline support when you need immediate assistance--push the button and immediately connect with others that can offer guidance.

Download Pocket Rehab from Google Play or the App Store for free today!

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