Seeking Support through a Sobriety App

Seeking Support through a Sobriety App

The decision to quit using drugs or alcohol can be challenging at best. Of course, you WANT to do what is right, but the cravings and struggles that come with early recovery can be too much to cope with on your own--you NEED support! In AA and NA meetings we learn that we can have a sponsor, and that sponsor is to be available to provide much needed, an immediate respite from our troubles--sounds great right? Unfortunately, a single sponsor isn’t always able to answer your distress call right when you need help--thus, you find yourself in need of support that you cannot immediately obtain... Unless you seek support through a sobriety app like Pocket Rehab which offers immediate, peer-to-peer support any time of day, any day of the week. And, when you're in early recovery, and you're still seeking the immediate gratification that we get so accustomed to in our addiction, immediate support may make the difference between whether you remain sober another day--or not.

Benefits of Support in Recovery

The value of a strong support system in recovery cannot be overlooked. For each individual, support means something a little different and, therefore, we each may need different types of support at different times. In its most basic form, support helps us to feel loved and accepted. Research has shown that those who have a strong support system during recovery are more likely to remain sober long-term, and if relapse does occur, the ability to get back on track more quickly is increased with support. The benefits of support go far beyond feeling loved and minimizing relapse. Below are some added benefits of a strong support system:

  • Those who support you are generally conducive to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, surrounding yourself with a support network helps you to severe ties with those who are unhealthy for you to be around.
  • Associating with others that are sober helps you to avoid triggers that could lead to relapse.
  • Having a support group on your side allows you to voice your inner struggles and receive guidance--doing so through Pocket Rehab or other recovery apps allows for immediate peer input.
  • Talking with others in recovery, and building your recovery support group, will help you to have fewer moments where you feel alone. In fact, you will have many more "I'm not alone" moments with a strong support group on your side.
  • Having a sober support group can provide good, positive, peer pressure. Just as someone that is unhealthy to you could peer pressure you into using drugs or alcohol, someone that is sober and working on recovery just like you could pressure you to do the same--and it works! Keeping a sober support group on your side helps you to achieve your recovery goals.




What's the Difference Between a Sponsor and Lifeline Help?

As mentioned in the beginning, a sponsor that is assigned to you during or following a 12-step meeting is there to help you, but we are all human and we all make mistakes. More so, we live in such a chaotic world where we are all so busy that a sponsor may not ALWAYS be able to assist you at the exact time when you need assistance. And, while patience is also an important lesson to be learned in recovery, it may not be the most vital lesson when you are facing extreme temptation to use and really just need some support. Your sponsor is supposed to make him or herself available to answer questions, help you to overcome cravings, and generally guide you in your growth of the twelve-step recovery program--and those are all great things. But, what happens if you can't get ahold of your sponsor when you need to talk? Or, if it is 3 am, and you have tried really hard to sleep but you just can't stop thinking about having a drink? You called your sponsor, but there was no answer, understandably--it's 3am! Now what? This is where Lifeline help, through Pocket Rehab, becomes a potential Life Saver. Pocket Rehab has one of the largest recovery support communities available--ONLINE. You can reach someone for support at any time of the day, or night. And, since you are connected with thousands of people, the time it takes for your Lifeline call to be answered is generally a matter of seconds. It's like having several sponsors on your side--not just one!

Sober Apps = Instant Gratification

It is widely known that addiction is very much fueled by an inner desire for instant gratification. Now that you don’t have the supposed instant gratification of substances, social media can fuel the immediate burst of dopamine that you need to feel “better.” Sober apps and addiction recovery apps like Pocket Rehab allow you to connect with others that are immediately available to engage, communicate and share in your recovery. Whether you are feeling positive about a small milestone, like getting out of bed after several days in withdrawal, or you're feeling negative about a situation that has you on the verge of saying "Forget it, one drink won't hurt," the community at Pocket Rehab is there to help you get through the struggle or to share in your enjoyment. Using a sober app is just one of many support tools that you should add to your recovery toolbox. When you're feeling like you need to connect, reach out and talk to people that are also feeling the need to be involved in a community of recovery and healing. According to scientific studies, the brain is wired to share information with others--and sometimes, we feel uncomfortable sharing the information unless we are sharing with people we believe will understand. This is what makes sharing with a community of people that are also in recovery so valuable and supportive--we feel comfortable and accomplished in sharing.


Start Sharing & Supporting Today

Maybe you have tried sharing positive memes on Facebook or other social media networks and had little interaction. Perhaps you had an inspiring quote that you thought someone else in recovery would enjoy--but you didn’t know where to reach others in recovery. Or, maybe you felt like you sure could benefit from talking to someone that would truly understand how you are feeling right now, something that only someone in recovery would truly get. The next time you need support or want to share an important story related to your recovery, download Pocket Rehab and connect with others. The benefits of adding to your support group are invaluable and the instant gratification you will find in immediately receiving support from your peers will certainly help you to feel better. Try it out today!

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