Understanding 12 Step Recovery Programs & Finding a Sponsor

Understanding 12 Step Recovery Programs & Finding a Sponsor

Almost ¾ of all treatment centers use some form of 12 step recovery principles as a foundational basis of their treatment. The basic premise of 12 step recovery is that individuals can help each other to achieve abstinence and maintain sobriety as long as they surrender their addiction to a higher power. 12-step groups are an excellent option of support for individuals in recovery, especially those that are religious, but they may not provide everything you need (especially support) exactly WHEN you need it. As such, recovery apps like Pocket Rehab look to fill the gap, connecting you with support EXACTLY when you need it.

What is 12 Step Recovery?

The 12-step model of recovery was coined by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1938 when founder Bill Wilson hashed out a list of ideas that he had developed to help people who were struggling with addiction to alcohol. Wilson wrote what would later become known as the Big Book which listed a 12 step principal of recovery for those who were unable to formally attend AA fellowship meetings. 

The twelve step recovery premise essentially aims to guide people through meetings in which they share their experiences with one another and offer support to each other in the ongoing effort to remain abstinent from alcohol or drugs. The twelve step model helps those in recovery to develop transformative practices that can literally change their lives. 

Since the 12-steps were originally developed, they have since been modified into several variations that are designed to fit the needs of other cultures such as those who are abusing other substances such as methamphetamine or cocaine. The original 12 steps are as follows:

  1. Admitting powerlessness over addiction.

  2. Believing in a higher power that can help.

  3. Making the decision to release control to the higher power.

  4. Taking a personal inventory.

  5. Admitting wrongs to the higher power, oneself, and to another person.

  6. Being prepared to have higher power correct shortcomings in character.

  7. Asking the higher power to remove shortcomings.

  8. Listing the wrongs done to others and being willing to make amends for those wrongs.

  9. Making contact with those who were hurt unless doing so would harm the other individual.

  10. Taking a continued personal inventory and admitting when wrong.

  11. Seeking an enlightened connection with the higher power through continued meditation and prayer.

  12. Delivering the 12-step message to others in need.

Individuals who participate in 12-step programs will connect with a sponsor that is designated to offer immediate support should the individual feel like he or she is in jeopardy of relapse. Unfortunately, 12-step programs also require individuals to attend group meetings at a set time and place which, while beneficial, can be challenging to those in early recovery. Some may not have transportation to get to or from the meetings, others may live too far from meetings, or they may have schedules that prevent them from being able to make it to the scheduled meeting time. Further, many sponsors are not available around-the-clock, leaving a potentially vulnerable individual alone during a difficult time—which could very quickly lead to relapse.

Pocket Rehab Provides Immediate Support

Pocket Rehab, an app to help connect those in recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol, provides immediate support no matter what time or place. The National Institute on Drug Abuse specifies that treatment needs to be readily available because individuals that are uncertain about their sobriety must be able to immediately get help when they are thinking about it. Similar needs are seen in recovery. If immediate support is not available when an individual is on the verge of relapse, he or she may fall victim to the craving or trigger and go back to drugs or alcohol.

If you’re feeling like you can’t do this alone, or if you’re having cravings that you find difficult to cope with, consider reaching out to someone on Pocket Rehab for support. Our app connects you with others that are available RIGHT NOW to provide you with support. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 am, 6 am, 11 pm—no matter what time of the day or night it is, or what day it is, there are others available to support you immediately.

Support Through Phone or Text

Whether you need text support of a phone call, sponsors on Pocket Rehab are always available to help you succeed in recovery. The app is a great resource to those who:

  • Cannot make it to a meeting right now.

  • Don’t have meetings near them.

  • Are not prepared to go to a meeting face-to-face.

  • Can’t drive.

  • Just want to talk RIGHT NOW.

Getting support through the app is simple. Once you have created your profile, you can easily seek support from others that are going through similar situations or that have already been through a similar situation and can help you find clarity, understanding, and strength to succeed in your recovery.

Lifeline Connection

When you log in to the Pocket Rehab app, the lifeline immediately connects you with someone that is available to provide support. You can connect on the lifeline for any of the following reasons:

  • You just want someone to talk to.

  • You are wanting to get high and need someone to talk sense into you.

  • You are already high and feeling like you need help (maybe you are having suicidal thoughts).

  • You feel sad, lonely, depressed, angry or otherwise emotional and need support.

The lifeline is answered by recovering individuals that are there to act as an immediate sponsor for you. Unlike a 12-step program in which your sponsor may not answer the phone when you call, the Lifeline is guaranteed to have someone answer when you reach out for support. 

Accountability Partners Available ALWAYS

What does it mean to get immediate support? If you’re feeling suicidal, it could be the difference between life and death.  If you’re feeling like you may relapse, it could be the difference between whether you lose your hard-earned recovery or not. If you’re just feeling like you need to talk, it could be the difference between whether you feel better today or not. The point is, immediate support trumps that of support on someone else’s time for sure!

If you’re looking for an accountability partner, Pocket Rehab is here for you!  Recovery support systems can guide you through the challenging time, past the difficult road, into a time of healing and health. One day at a time, one post at a time, the support you receive through Pocket Rehab or through another support channel is vital to your success in recovery.



Pocket Rehab vs. 12 Step Meetings

Pocket Rehab will not take the place of treatment or a meeting. That is not our goal! But, you may choose to seek support through the Lifeline or just by chatting with your friends on Pocket Rehab instead of a meeting if you can’t make it to a meeting, you’re looking for something more private, or you’re in need of immediate help.

Through the convenience of your phone, Pocket Rehab is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s ALWAYS with you! (A meeting can’t do that!) If today is just one of those days where you can’t make it to a meeting for one reason or another but you still need some support from an individual or several individuals that understand what YOU are going through, Pocket Rehab is here for you!

Pocket Rehab is also an excellent resource for finding meetings. So if you ARE looking for a meeting to attend, open the Pocket Rehab app and search for resources in your area. Here you’ll find a list of meetings that are scheduled near you and their times. You can even connect with friends through the app and then reach out to them to find out who will be at the next meeting—maybe you can arrange to see some of your favorite people there!

The Path to Recovery

Experts believe that the path to true recovery is paved by a mix of treatment and support programs customized to the individual needs of the recovering person. Your path to recovery may look different than the next individual’s, but this does not mean it is wrong! Find your path using Pocket Rehab to keep you always connected to others in recovery, always connected to local 12-step meetings, and always just a click away from a Lifeline of support from others.

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