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Amy Guerrero

“When we stay curious together we can experience unimaginable freedom.”

On a journey to heal my trauma I stumbled (pun intended) into a conscious sober lifestyle and my deeper purpose to support people. Today, I support sober people to create healthy relationships with people, money, and themselves.

I was confident no single approach to healing and living a conscious sober life would work for me so why would it work for anyone else?  I got busy educating myself, training and working with people in somatic experiencing, attachment theory, and other trauma-informed modalities and relating it to living a conscious sober lifestyle.

What I discover is missing for my clients, who include all adults ready to create healthier relationships is when we unravel the root causes of the addictive escape such as grief, trauma and attachment adaptations it is possible to connect with more safety and reveal their true potential purpose and thrive in all sober relationships.

Outside of running my coaching business, Thrive in Recovery, you can find me practicing what I teach; cooking healthy, delicious food, practicing yoga, playing outdoors, and strengthening my connection to myself to serve others. 


Your Next Step to Healthy Sober Relationships
Thu - Jun 28th, 2001     
07:00 pm EST (TO) 08:15 pm EST

Many of us struggle to let go of the toxic people in your life and it prevents us from being able to express ourselves in a loving way.
We want to gain the courage to explain how we feel but we freeze when we get there so we just settle for whatever happens and stop trying.


3 reasons to show up:

1. Being in a safe room talking about how you can build trustworthy relationships and could change your life forever.

2. Relieving yourself from the "I did something wrong, I am unworthy of love" thinking that may be going on in your head and could change your life forever.

3. Together, we can create some FUN, disconfirming experiences about your past relationships and that could change your life forever.


Amy will be answering your questions about building / re-building trust, self-love, and creating fulfilling sober relationships.