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Arielle Dyment

As CEO of My Sober Compass, Arielle Dyment seeks to help individuals find and understand all options in recovery -  and build a sobriety program that inspires on a daily basis.

Arielle Dyment is a certified professional recovery coach whose mission is to help people struggling with addiction learn powerful recovery strategies to break free from harmful behaviors and live a purpose-filled, fun life in recovery. One of her favorite sayings is, “we are either working on our recovery or we are working on our relapse”.  

Arielle is extremely passionate about sobriety because she herself lived under the shroud of alcohol addiction, eating disorder, and relationship addiction for 10 years.  Her belief is, “sobriety isn't just about quitting harmful behaviors, it's about living our best lives”. Currently, Arielle coaches professional clients worldwide in a one-on-one virtual setting. Her coaching program is completely private, confidential, and personalized. 

When she created My Sober Compass in 2017, Arielle’s mission was to develop a framework to help those new to recovery create their own unique “sober compass” - a five-step system to building a sober strategy. These five steps include:  

  1. Building a recovery-focused support network and community

  2. Learning how to have “sober fun” while finding purpose and passion

  3. Creating healthy routines and habits

  4. Nurturing self-improvement and coping strategies

  5. Giving back to the community and others through service work

Today, you can find Arielle speaking passionately about recovery on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Her goal is to provide support, tools, resources, tips, and tricks on a broad scale and impact as many people as possible with her message of strength and hope. Arielle is originally from the greater Washington D.C. area.  She studied Marketing and International Business at Villanova University. After working in corporate America and suffering from addiction, she decided to make the biggest change of her life and enter the world of recovery. She currently lives in British Columbia, Canada with her fiance Brayden Morton and two dogs Louie and Darla.