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Emily Rodriguez

Emily Rodriguez is the C.E.O. and founder of Living Proof Coaching Services and a Dual Certified Recovery and Life Coach. Having spent years in the bondage of addiction, homelessness, and suicidal ideation. Emily knows first hand what it’s like to face substance abuse head-on, and win. After 15 different programs, jails, and institutions she found refuge at a long-term faith-based treatment center, beginning her journey to a new beginning. Her faith in God has been the foundation of her newfound lifestyle. 

Emily saw the need for support in the community while relapses, mental health crisis, and deaths were increasing so she decided to take action. Today she coaches women 18 years of age and up looking for accountability in their recovery and or life decisions to reach their goals. The need for support in her community became so compelling that she started this global virtual coaching company during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine.  

Emily currently resides in New Jersey (USA) and is a single mother with two beautiful children. She is unapologetically who God has made her be and is a light for those living in the darkness of addiction. She prides herself as a navigator for not only treatment but living life on life's terms. Her dream and goal is to open a long-term faith-based home for women in her own community.

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Living Proof
Sat - Feb 20th, 2021     
07:00 pm EST (TO) 08:15 pm EST

This talk is not for the weak, meek, or timid. It’s for the bold at heart, for those who are tired of living behind lies and fear. For those whose true self is screaming to emerge from the shadows. Are you ready to Get Free? It’s time to remove the mask and embrace your story. That time is now!