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Erika Sandor-Zur

I was 17 at a party, I had heard of heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana, but I never heard of crack. There were all these white rocks on the table, and I asked what is that? They asked me if I wanted to try it? I said sure! They put a $30. Hit on a stem and showed me how to smoke the pipe that soon never left the grip of my hands. I was addicted the second it went into my body.

I have been in 19 REHAB’s homeless on the streets sticking needles in my arm, and smoking crack with cockroaches in abandoned apartment buildings. I did whatever it took to get High. I sold my body, my soul, my car, your car, my jewelry, my parents Jewelry, and anything that had value. Eventually, I lost everything, including my two marriages, and my two children. Because of my addiction to the pipe, I was raped, beaten, shot, and left for dead. That didn’t stop me from still breaking into houses, and cars, and whatever else goes with being a crack head doing whatever it takes to get one more hit. There is not enough crack in this world, eventually, I would run out.

I didn’t want to live, but I didn’t want to die, I didn’t want to get high any more, but could not stop. 7/11/2017 I took a leap of faith and trusted #god that if I’m honest with my self and everyone around me, I could actually get help! Today I have full custody back of my children, I am remarried, and have a relationship with my family, friends, and my self. I trust me today because of my actions, instead of my words.

Through my actions, I have earned the trust of others. I am also living out my childhood dream, and have made it on the Pro tennis tour at the age of 41, as I humbly train here in Bradenton Florida with my team to be the best that I can be, and give back to ANYONE THAT THINKS IT'S TO LATE! This disease is very real and does not discriminate. We were not meant to do this journey of recovery alone. The most important thing I am learning is to be honest with my self. As ugly and hard as it is to look at me. Through this rigorous honesty, I have learned to love me. By loving me, I truly can love you. We are are not meant to do this alone! We can recover!

Erikas Story
Sat - Jul 24th, 2021     
07:00 pm EST (TO) 08:30 pm EST

I can’t wait to share my dream with the world that no matter how far down, no matter how old we are, we can recover!



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