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Michael Brody-Waite is on a mission to teach individuals, organizations, and communities how to lead themselves by living Mask-Free. At age twenty-three, Michael was a full-blown drug addict. He was kicked out of college, fired from his job and evicted from his apartment. Over 17 years later, Michael is a recovering addict, 3x CEO, TEDx Speaker, Inc. 500 Founder, and leadership coach is on a mission to revolutionize the rules of leadership.

Michael's background in overcoming addiction is the foundation for his Mask-Free Leadership System, which is built upon 3 principles that saved him from death and set him apart as a leader. His TEDx Talk, Great Leaders Do What Drug Addicts Do, has been viewed over 1,500,000 times in over 25 countries and provides insight into his 17-year journey from near homelessness and addiction to successful entrepreneurship.

LIVING MASK-FREE: applying the 3 principles of mask-free living in your life.
Tue - May 19th, 2020     
12:00 pm EST (TO) 01:00 am EST