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Rachel Victoria

Though I didn’t start out planning to specialize in Soul Level Addiction Recovery, I can certainly see how this was my path.

The first recovery I facilitated was my own – recovery from an abusive childhood, adult depression and antidepressants, an 8-year marriage that ended in divorce, which brought me to my knees while mothering two small children born 20 months apart in Southern California where I had no family, no true friends and no smartphone.

My own healing journey made me more open and empathetic than I would’ve imagined.

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Recovery by Rachel
Fri - Apr 9th, 2021     
09:00 pm EST (TO) 10:30 pm EST

Are you ready to feel more grounded + more self-love?

Are you ready to add more spirituality to your recovery?

Are you ready to go deeper and recover more of yourself?

Come join me on a 90-minute journey. I look forward to meeting you, supporting you on your healing path, and furthering you along in the recovery of self with way more calm, ease, grace, and self-love. Because we all need that. See you on the inside.