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Online Recovery Meetings

Please just share the website link Pocket Rehab Online Meetings and people can join!

Remember what you see here stays here... Let's retain anonymity.

Please be respectful of others and remember there are many paths to recovery!

Be Kind and Courteous

o   We are all here to support each other and grow together.

o   We encourage healthy debate but respect each other’s views.

No Bullying, Hate Speech, Threats or Shaming!

o   We have a zero-tolerance policy.

o   Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

No Advertising or Self Promotion

o   No sales of any kind drug-related or otherwise.

o   If you work in the industry of recovery, no soliciting allowed (Unless it’s to join the Pocket Rehab community 😎)

This is a Judgment Free Community

o   There are many pathways of recovery, don't judge or shame someone because you don't agree with their methods.

This is a support community

o   Don’t give medical advice!

o   if you don't know about someone's addiction/issue don't be afraid to tell them so they can be connected with someone that can.

Do not request money from other members

o   No Gofundme.com page links

Don't share any information with others unless you're comfortable doing so

If you have a medical emergency please contact emergency services or go to the nearest hospital. If you run into any issues, please notify the admin of the meeting or email Pocket Rehab at info@getpocketrehab.com
By entering these rooms you agree to abide by these guidelines and that you are 17+ years old.
Pocket Rehab Mid Day Meeting

Open Meeting All Welcome! We are always looking for a topic or a speaker!

2 PM EST 02:00 pm
Pocket Rehab Nightly Meeting

This is your room. We can have any kind of meeting you like! Speakers and topics are always welcome. If you are struggling, we are here to support you!

7 PM EST 07:00 pm