Pocket Rehab community

• People willing to support others in order to prevent relapse and provide support.

• Combination of people in recovery, people helping others in recovery, recovery coaches and various professional caregivers.

• Non-judgmental to addiction and mental illness.

• There is also a group of moderators acting as ‘secret shoppers’ to maintain decorum. 

• We don’t know specifics because PR is 100% anonymous.

Recovery Coaches

• Non-credentialed but have extensive training (Up to 500 hours) and are certified to help members through the recovery process.

• Recovery Coaches can keep you accountable, help you stay on track and be a personalized resource whenever you need them.

• Recovery Coaches can improve relapse rates compared to other programs.



• Yes, a Recovery Coach is different than a Sponsor. Recovery Coaches aren’t specific to any program.

• Recovery Coaches also help recoverees create a game plan for recovery and through the building of recovery capital, help guide recoverees through their recovery journey.

• Recovery Coaches can come from all different backgrounds but usually have had similar experiences with addiction and/or mental illness that they are able to share with recoverees.

• Typically a Recovery Coach has several years of sobriety.



• SAMHSA nationally registered facilities.

• Licensed, certified or otherwise approved by state substance abuse agencies.

In App Friends

• Friends are individuals the member has found helpful and wishes to maintain an in app relationship with.

• They become your Recovery Companions! 

My Lifeline 24/7 Real-Time Support

• Recovery Coaches (See Above FAQ’s)

• Verified Users: Users that have met Pocket Rehab’s requirements based on user activity and community feedback 

• Peers from the Pocket Rehab Community.